Pro Sports and Colleges: What’s New with Control Systems?

Show Control is continuously evolving to provide new tools to take your show to the next level. We’ve been working hard to deliver some key developments for our live events control solution.

Take a look at what’s possible with our newest generation:

Real-time data, layering and transitions upgrades

Our data, layering and transitions upgrades empower you to build a more sophisticated library of in-game elements with smooth, seamless movements on and off the display. You can redesign the look of your display by layering elements together to create an advanced production more similar to broadcast quality. Pair this functionality with our Professional Services team to upgrade your real-time data elements and take your overall show to the next level.   

Layering content with transparency to give freedom of placement over live video. Here’s an example of how an advertisement can be taken from a still frame to an animated element over live video.

Webpage playback upgrades 

Webpage playback creates the flexibility to directly play html-based content, eliminating the need for scan conversion. This can be used with social media, weather information, event countdown clocks and more. Check out our previous post to find out how to include web page playback in your production.

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