Facilities and Decision Makers: Healthcare Niche, Part 2

Blog-Saint-Vincent-Healthcare_Billings-MT_AF-3550-32x80-20-RGB-2V_1-(2)In a recent blog post, we talked about how much the healthcare niche is growing. If you’re interested in this market, we can help.

Today, we’ll talk about different types of businesses within this niche. We’ll also look at who to contact about installing an LED sign.

 Differences among healthcare facilities

 It seems as if so many people don’t know, for instance, when to go to an ER or an urgent care clinic. This shows how badly this niche needs at least an outside marquee.

  • Individually owned practices, are like a small retailer, such as dentists, chiropractors, occupational therapy.
  • A clinic usually serves patients from the local community with medical treatment and advice.
  • Urgent care clinics takes walk-in patients needing immediate help, but not serious enough for an ER.
  • A hospital usually provides short-term care for severe health problems by a staff of physicians, surgeons and nurses. They handle overnight stays, emergency care and labor/delivery services.
  • Examples of a specialized hospital include trauma centers, rehabilitation hospitals and geriatric hospitals.
  • Medical businesses sell wheelchairs, oxygen masks, catheters, syringes, and bathroom accessories.

Who is the decision maker?

 Here are some tips from our sales staff. Which staff member should you reach out to about installing an LED sign?

  • Clinics: clinic manager
  • Small, critical-access hospitals (25 beds or less): CEO, marketing (If they have someone, and oftentimes that person will have another job duty, too)
  • Medium hospitals (acute care hospitals with no more than 50 beds): CEO, marketing director, business development director (if they have one)
  • Large, acute-care hospitals: VP of marketing, business development VP, facility manager
  • Large health systems: VP of marketing, business development VP, clinic development VP, facility manager

Resources and support

Also, use the resources below and don’t hesitate to contact your Daktronics rep for support!

Our next healthcare niche post will contain a list of steps to take BEFORE contacting your prospective customer.

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