Hawaii, Geckos and LED Signs Running for 100,000 Hours

The Ice Palace

The Ice Palace – Honolulu, Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands host several species of geckos. They get into homes, but many people welcome the colorful lizards because they eat bugs.

But it’s not the same when geckos get inside LED sign cabinets, joined by hordes of ants.  Signs Hawaii faced this issue years ago. James Brogan, technician for Signs Hawaii, remembers how Daktronics customer service responded right away to find a solution to this unusual issue.

Another challenge for LED signs is Hawaii’s warm, humid, coastal climate. While this environment is one reason Hawaii is a paradise, it’s hard on electronic equipment.

So, we were excited to hear from Brogan recently that Signs Hawaii has displays at four locations that have been running for 100,000 hours:

  • Pearl Harbor 2004
  • The Ice Palace, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2005
  • Hawaiian Electric Company Honolulu, Hawaii 2005 (2 signs)
  • Triple Army Medical Center Honolulu, Honolulu 2005

As a field technician, Brogan understands Daktronics products from the inside out. He says, “Daktronics signs are ubiquitous to the islands, but sometimes, customers want some Chinese or another product that’s not as good. Their equipment just doesn’t have the dependability or support.”

Since the installation of these signs, Daktronics installed an onsite reliability lab in 2007. Technicians test components and cabinets, exposing them to extreme environments—cold, heat, humidity. The data from this testing helps us to continue our signs’ longevity legacy.

Interested in other critter invasions into sign cabinets? Top 5 LED Displays Surviving the Obscure

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