Video Display: Real-Time Data

Use Real-Time Data graphics on your video display to show live game information. Daktronics offers multiple resources to best use RTD.

What is Real-Time Data (RTD)?

Real-time data is any live feed of game information displayed on your video board. Placing Real-Time Data (RTD) on your Daktronics display is a common practice that many facilities use in lieu of standard scoreboards.

Why use RTD graphics?

  • Get the most out of your video display with interactive graphics that show the game clock, possession or the score superimposed with your school mascot.
  • Waco RTD.jpgCarry out your schools branding onto the display and make your school colors really pop. Make the visiting team feel at home with their mascot instead of “Guest” at the top. A wide array of fonts, colors and text effects are available. This is your chance to stand out from the crowd.
  • Don’t forget those sponsors. Tailor sponsor slots to have a clean, comprehensive look while maintaining the integrity of their logos to ensure they get a return on their investment and continue sponsoring.


How do I learn more about RTD and how to best use it?

Daktronics provides several outlets to keep you up to speed.

  1. Our YouTube channel with step-by-step tutorials, such as How to Create a Real-time data Graphic and Creating and Editing Data Fields in Content Studio.
  2. Our blog offers excellent coverage on a host of topics and questions. This link offers real-time data articles to keep you up to speed.
  3. The Knowledge Base is a growing collection of resources from our experts to help answer your questions and provide tips and tricks for oft-occurring situations.


If I need help…

Daktronics is here for you each step of the way. Should you be unable or not desire to create these graphics in-house, your account service manager will be happy to connect you with our Creative Services team. They specialize in content creation, so you don’t have to sweat it! Several package options are available for purchase with stock or custom content.

Another possible resource for manpower is your students. Numerous Daktronics customers have engaged their A/V classes to learn more about the display and create content to run on it, going as far as manning the display themselves on game day. Why not include one of the most technologically inclined generations and provide a fun outlet for educational opportunities at the same time?


If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out how schools are utilizing real-time data on their displays.

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