With many outdoor sports seasons coming to an end, your venue may be preparing for a variety special events hosted throughout the off-season. Whether you’re hosting a movie night, a holiday event or one of the other countless special events that come about, it’s important to ensure you’re prepared for the occasion.

During the off-season, consider:

  • Starting-up your display and control systems two days before an event – While your systems are used frequently during the season, this may not be the case in the off-season. To ensure your display and control systems are fully functioning for a special event, fire everything up two days prior to the event. Refer to our Product Maintenance Guide for more detailed instructions on proper start-up procedure.
  • Providing two-week lead time for support – If you are in need of event support or a pre-event check prior to a special event, be sure to contact our Professional Services team at least two weeks prior to the event.
  • Using time to implement new features – For many of you the off-season may not always be as uneventful as one would hope. However, if there is time, the off-season might be a good time to look into some of the new control features and industry trends that can be implemented into your game-day presentation. Check out What’s new for Daktronics Control Systems for 2017 to learn more about new features that can elevate your presentation.
  • Using this time for system maintenance – The off-season typically provides a good time to remove old files/script buttons and run necessary Windows updates. Be sure to include backup systems as well in this process.

Best of luck with your special events this off-season, and as always, contact our Professional Services team for event support and other service resources for your special events.

Holiday movie night using the Daktronics display at US Bank Stadium this month.

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