That’s the Holiday Spirit!

Last month, we posted about using your display to give thanks and spread goodwill throughout your community. It’s also good to tie into your city’s calendar for specials, local tournaments, meets and events.

To keep the spirit of Christmas going this week, we want to share some ideas with you. We’ll talk about using your display to celebrate the holidays, spread some good old-fashioned Christmas cheer and take advantage of the shopping situation!

Spread Christmas Cheer!

Speaking of having fun, did you know that Daktronics Creative Services created many pieces of content for the holidays? Much of this content is FREE. Use it to spread joy and important messages/announcements over the holidays.

Our online store features hundreds of animated and still designs that will make your LED sign look great all year long.

Hot Deals

Featured above (from left to right):

  1. Winter Vacation: Available as an animation as part of the School Bundle 5. Price: $99
  2. Mountain Dew: Available as animation or still as part of the Sodas 2. Price: Free!
  3. Hot Deals: Available as animation or still as part of the Retail 2. Price: FREE!
  4. Exercise Facility: Available as animation or still as part of the Hospitality 2. Price: $75-99
  5. Soups: Available as animation or still as part of the Salty Snacks 2. Price: Free!

If you want to add even more holiday cheer to your display, visit our e-commerce site where we offer tons of content for you to buy and even a whole bunch of free content to download!  In fact, right now we have a special free New Year Winter Wonderland catalog to download!

And don’t forget about the holiday content included in your FREE Daktronics Media Kit! You can find Christmas and New Year’s content for this holiday season, as well as many other pieces for holidays throughout the year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year

Take Advantage of the Shopping Season!

As you may have read previously in our Planning Your Ad Campaign series, you need to give customers a reason to pull into your establishment. One way to increase foot traffic is to create a call-to-action campaign. Including a call to action captures customer attention and propels them to act immediately. That action can be to stop in, call, visit your website, or like your Facebook page. Build a call-to-action campaign around:

  • Time-sensitive specials
  • New products
  • Seasonal items

The call to action should be short and easy to understand. Don’t use multiple options and words, such as, “Call our office to obtain an appointment, or pay a visit to our website.” Instead, use a phone graphic and the call to action, “Call Today.”

Here are some examples of an effective call to action:

  • Hungry? Stop In!
  • Limited Time Only
  • Buy Now!

Call to action

Discount days are another classic way to attract customers. Many consumers save up for sales, and retailers not participating in high-volume days and discounts may suffer from lower foot traffic.

The highest-volume shopping days are the ones during the holiday season. Plan to take advantage of different times of the year, over holidays or even different seasons:

  • Hot Deals
  • Sunny Discounts
  • Blizzard Sale
  • Back to School

Use our media kit content to get started. Let your imagination run wild! The graphics below show how the idea of a Blizzard Sale works for different business.

Blizzard sale

We added “Blizzard Sale” to the media kit background in the example on the left. The example on the right has the same video background but with different content, depending on the business. 

Daktronics Holiday Hours

Happy Holidays from Daktronics

We would also like to provide the following online resources for you to use over the holiday season:

Like we always say, thank you for taking the time to read our blog! We truly hope that you find it helpful and useful. Enjoy the holidays!  Stay warm and drive safely.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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