What is new for baseball in 2018?

There have been additions to the baseball bundles for the 2018 season

MLB super system bundle changes

– The StatCast Player Metrics Interface is included.

The Statcast Player Metrics Interface for Data Server receives player speed and position information from the third-party Statcast system used in MLB facilities. This information is great to display during production moments such as inning breaks or the next time a player is at bat after making a big play.   This program reduces operator requirements and increase fan engagement by showing in-depth player metrics on displays throughout the stadium.

Player Metrics

Other Changes:

  • TrackMan MiLB Pitch/Hit Interface will be included as an option for MiLB and NCAA teams. Trackman uses 3D Doppler radar technology to track pitch velocity, as well as other measurements. This technology has surpassed the speed of pitch readings previously acquired using a radar gun.
  • There were a number of baseball updates done last August that could impact you this spring.  A recap of those changes can be found here:  Updated Software Features for MLB Teams

Is your system ready for the season? Contact your Account Service Manager (ASM) to schedule your update.  If you are not sure who your ASM is, visit our Professional Services page to submit your contact information.

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